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Whether it is a specific question you want answered or an individualized guided plan to follow your Marigold Girl journey, you can book individual sessions with Dr. Kim to support you as you learn and grow.  Click on the link to see available times.


for a 50-Minute Session

 Blooming Marigolds

Blooming Marigolds is an online hybrid course for girls and their moms.  The course is a 5-part series that combines video with an online meeting to help girls and moms create connections through education and communciation.  The online videos are divided into 2 sections - One for girls and one for parents. Once registered, you are provided a link with the online videos to watch on your timeline.  Each Module has been recorded in small durations (approximately 10-20 mins each) in order to watch easily with suggestion discussion guides at the end of each module.  

After registering you will be sent a link to schedule a 1-on-1 zoom meeting with Dr. Kim.  This gives moms and daughters the chance to meet for 45 minutes with an educational psychologist to ask questions and discuss the information they learned. Upon registering you will be sent digital supplemental materials with 2 links - one for the Girl's Course and one for the Parent's Course.  Each course has similar content in each module although they are tailored differently for each.  You are encouraged to use the digital materials as discussion guides to use with each other after each module.

  Here is what the modules include:

                                                  Girl's Course

Module 1 – Finding the Authentic YOU

-Authentic what?

-Learning to value yourself and your talents

-Growth vs Fixed Mindset and why it is important

-How to push through fears 

-Finding your passion and your people

Module 2 - Communication 101

-What is Active Listening?

-Reading and understanding Body Language

-Speaking with heart (assertiveness vs aggressiveness)

-Learning to ask for what you need and want

Module 3 – What’s really going on in there?  Brain basics for teens

-How your brain is different as you enter your teen years

-The ups and downs of your emotions

-Understanding and managing negative thoughts

- The balance of managing expecations and drive .

-Yes you learn differently than boys do (and how you can harness it)

-Taming the Emotional Beast (finding ways to manage those big emotions)

-Trust your gut feeling (your second brain)

Module 4 - The Friendship Garden

-Who is in your garden? – Defining and finding your people

-Why Mean girls are Mean

-Tips and tricks for dealing with girl drama

-Claiming and keeping your power

Module 5 – Social Media and Technology (it’s not all bad)

- Why tech is so important to you

-What Facebook, Instagram, and all the rest don't  want you to know

-The importance of being a goodDigital Citizen 

-The family motto and how you fit in

-Recognizing when is too much (addiction signs)

                                                  Parent's Course

Module 1 – Reconnecting with the Authentic YOU

-Getting a pulse on her (how connected are you to YOU?)

-You as the role model – what are you messaging?

-Helping your daughter uncover her magic (passions and talents)

-Growth vs Fixed Mindset and why it is important

-How to develop and encourage grit, resilience and growth mindset in our girls

-Encouraging your daughter’s passions without the “JOB”  (judging, overscheduling, or making it Boring)

Module 2 – Managing Power Struggles and Disrespect (Communication is Key)

-Getting to the Heart of the Problem

-What is Active Listening?

-Reading her Body Language?

-Setting and Modeling Boundaries

-Family Meetings and developing of a family motto


Module 3 – What’s really going on in there?  Brain basics for teens

-How a teen brain is different and changes in the developing brain

-Impact on anxiety and depression

-preventing and managing negative thoughts

-The learning differences between boys and girls (and why it matters)

-Taming the Emotional Beast (ways to help her manage those big emotions)

Module 4 – Understanding and Supporting the growth of her Friendship Garden

-Who can be in the garden? – Defining and finding the people surrounding you

-Why Mean girls are Mean

-Supporting her with girl drama

Module 5 – Social Media and Technology (it’s not all bad)

- Why tech is so important to girls and the science behind the system

-Encouraging Digital Citizenship (what you can to support it)

-When to start /introduce it and keeping it all in balance 

-Setting and keeping  limits, rules, and boundaries

-Recognizing when is too much (addiction signs)

-The reality of FOMO

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OutSchool Classes

    Managing Girl Friendships

This class was developed to give younger girls a solid understanding of friendships and how to choose (and be) a good friend. This is a one session class that includes:

* What does it mean to be a good friend?
* Qualities of a good friendship
* Ways to make new friendships
* What to do when you or a friend is being left out or excluded
* Is it bullying or teasing?
* How to be a good friend to yourself too

Girl Power - Summer Boot Camp

This class uses brain-based research to help girls understand not only how they learn (which is a bit different than boys by the way) but also how to manage some of the changes they may be going through with family, friends, and even their own sense of who they are!  This is a part 1 class with the Girl Power Up as an ongoing support after girls finish
Week 1
What is girl power to you? Defining what Girl Power means ​
Week 2
What's happening in there? An introduction to how a girl's brain develops
Week 3
Building self confidence through Self love and acceptance.
Week 4
Friendships and girl drama

                 Girl Power Ups

This class was developed as a meeting space for girls that have been introduced to the Marigold Girls Book or program. The class focuses on ways to support girls in their practice of using the techniques of being authentic to who they are, even in the face of challenges. It is necessary for participants to have either purchased and read the book or been a part of a previous Marigold Girls program to participate in this class since we will be discussing and sharing ways they have implemented the skills they have learned.
The weekly class will be structured with check in's for each girl to share some experiences from the week with guidance from Dr. Kim. A short mindfulness exercise will be included each week as well to provide the girls with practice in using mindful techniques as well as ask any questions or share challenges they encounter along the way. The goal of this group is to provide the girls with space to share openly and practice skills with each other that they may have difficulty doing in a "real-time setting".